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The Finer Details of Our Beds 

Rail Bracket 
We use a cast aluminum rail bracket that mounts to the post with two 2" lags. The result is a rock solid bed on all four corners.

Easy to Assemble
Assembling a bed is a matter of hooking the bracket on the pre-installed lags. Tighten the lags with a 1/2" wrench.
Drop in the pre-fitted slats and your done!


Dovetail Slats 
Slats are dovetailed and pre-fitted on each end to prevent loose fitting slats that are always falling out.  

Center Supported 
Center supports that bolt that bolt into slats and are also 
fully adjustable for the exact slat height to acquire maximum mattress warranty. Queen sizes have two, and king sizes have four.


Sturdy Headboards 
All our panel beds have a specially fitted cleat attached to the bottom of the panel that strengthens and sturdies the headboard and footboard.

Rail Options 
Most beds have a standard 6" wide rail, 8" off the floor. Optional rails are 8" or 12" wide. Floor height can also be adjusted to your specific needs.

We can customize the headboard and footboard heights and other small alterations. 

Storage Bed Units
We offer two different styles of storage bed units - side storage and footboard storage. Both of these will fit any of our beds.  

Extra Storage 
Our six drawer storage unit has more cubic feet of storage than a nine-drawer dresser and offer a great way to utilize the space under a bed. 

Easy to Assemble Storage Unit
Our storage bed units consist of two cabinets and 3 loose pieces. So with minimal time and a 1/2" wrench, assembly is no hassle. 

  - 8" wide rail 
  - 12" wide rail with two brackets per rail 
  - Extra slats 
  - Extra center support 

   * Minimum charge for customizing

   * Adjusting rail height from floor is not considered                  customizing 


Quality furniture tailored to fit your needs....

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